Intuition Medicine

You will notice her presence as she listens and responds to your concerns, and as she taps into her experience and intuition to find the best way to support and renew your health. 

- Sandra Hart


Although most people rely on their five senses, intuitives have access to a “sixth sense.” As a practitioner of Intuitive Medicine®, I weave my deep sense of intuition throughout all aspects of my coaching practice.

What is Intuition Medicine?

Intuition Medicine® is a healing modality where intuition is used to perceive metaphysical health. This can include reading your energy anatomy (your chakras and aura), looking at your male and female energy systems, understanding your astral (sleeping) body and the messages you receive when dreaming.  Any of things might be affecting your current state of health.

Why Does Vivian Offer This?

While I usually spend two hours at each initial consult listening to you and interpreting your concerns and symptoms, as an intuitive practitioner, I have access to an additional stream of valuable information about your health.

Whether choosing supplements, testing protocol, or nutritional recommendations, Intuition Medicine® helps me understand your needs and allows me to choose the best course of action for your highest healing potential.

Using Intuition Medicine® to assess and recognize your current state of health, I can clear energy blockages and balance your energy system. I also incorporate and teach energy medicine practices such as meditation and grounding. These practices give you the tools to care for yourself.