Nutritional Practice

"I was plagued with environmental allergies and food sensitivities when I met Vivian. She listened, carefully assesed my imbalances, and implemented therapies that have made a real difference in my overall health."

– Gigi Kaufman


Nutrition is such an important component of health that I begin by evaluating your food choices. Working with adults and children, I identify nutritional solutions that can help resolve the underlying causes of health imbalances and strengthen the body's natural healing systems. I understand that without a knowledgeable guide, making changes in diet and lifestyle can be overwhelming.  As part of my practice, I act as your guide. We work in partnership to set and reach mutually-agreed-upon health and wellness goals.


How Does Vivian Provide Nutritional Solutions?

When evaluating your nutritional needs, I look for food sensitivities using the Bioenergetic Assessment. [Link to Bioenergetic page] Using Bioenergetics, I can determine which substances cause inflammation throughout the body. This is important because inflammation can trigger a cascade of physical and emotional symptoms.

My approach is a comfortable, gradual process of:

* uncovering imbalances, deficiencies, and food sensitivities

• setting and achieving attainable goals

• learning about delicious, healthful new food choices

• incorporating lifestyle changes that fortify body, mind and spirit

Together we can develop a customized program to fit your health needs and goals. I’m available to answer questions as you follow your new program. At follow up appointments we will review your goals and progress and make appropriate adjustments to help you continue to stay focused on your lifestyle changes.