"Living, breathing and grounding in health and balance. " -Vivian Kushner


I have been a client of Vivian’s for 12 years.  Her skills include being a BioSET practitioner, and working with her in this modality resolved my life-long pollen and food sensitivities.  She has helped me in other ways as well, including hands-on Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions,  which produced a deep relaxation that was extremely healing.  Vivian is one of those rare people with whom you can count on having a conversation that will make a difference to your well-being.  She is one of my key coaches—always helping me to see positive action I can take to improve my situation and my body’s ability to cope with the large doses of stress that are coming my way.  She is an amazing gift! - Lisa Layne

I've worked with Vivian Kushner a lot over the years. She has not only helped me using BioSET in a nutritional way but also—and for me even more importantly—the  healing power of her hands is incredible.   That, in combination with the innate power of Jin Shin Jytsu...aaahhhhh!! So supportive and healing!!

I totally recommend working with Vivian Kushner.  - Linda Gruber

Vivian has been instrumental in fine tuning my health whether it be my digestion, energy level or overall well being. Her depth of knowledge and intuition identifies what is out of balance and how to get back on track. Vivian is a healer. - Peggy Kincaid

"I met Vivian Kushner when I was desperately ill beyond measure. A friend of mine recommended her, took me into the office, and what I remember most is the feeling of the warmth of Vivian's hand on my back and also her absolute belief that I could get better. I ended up leaving town and working with Vivian over Skype and always looked forward to our sessions; even through the screen I could feel her strength, presence, and incredible grounding power. Once I came back, I saw her every two weeks, and I found that as I got better, her capacity to work with every challenge I faced, from minor symptoms returning to large-scale emotional issues, continued to meet my needs, including ones I didn't even know I had.

I have since fully recovered my health; I see her for tune-ups and help with grounding, centering, the complexities of modern life. I am incredibly grateful to everything she has taught me to do, skills and outlooks that I carry with me every day. I am also grateful for the incredible warmth and friendliness and lack of judgment that I have felt from her every single interaction that we've had. In a way, I'm glad I got to be so desperately ill because it brought me to Vivian. She is truly magical, and not to be missed." - Eva Harberg Fisher

Vivian’s healing hands and the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu combined with her extraordinary intuitive skills, have provided great relief from migraine headaches and insomnia. - Barbara Rose Billings

I have been seeing Vivian Kushner for many years on and off.   She is my go-to person whenever I feel that my body needs something.  She is absolutely brilliant!  She uses different diagnostic tools to figure out exactly what I need, from amino acids to bring up my mood, to liver support, to vitamins to hormones to food recommendations.  I have referred her to many people over the years because her work is so effective.  She is able to find things that standard medical tests don't show, her therapies are simple, easy to implement and relatively inexpensive.  Plus, she is so nice and easy to work with!  I would highly recommend her to almost anyone with a health issue that needs resolving.  - Dot Spaet

Working with Vivian I feel safe, heard and filled with hope…It feels like a window opened and fresh air came into the room. - Joan Fodor

I came to Vivian after being depressed for two years. When she put me on amino acid therapy, the depression became a thing of the past right away (miraculously!). Soon we were also tackling headaches and digestive problems, with her BioSET practice and nutritional guidance. In just a few months, I’ve got my appetite back, and I have way more energy! My headaches respond well to her Jin Shin Jyutsu bodywork sessions, which are deep and balancing. I’m so grateful for Vivian. She is a gentle, endearing person, and a true healer. - Annette Nibley

I came to Vivian Kushner because I was plagued with environmental allergies and food sensitivities.  Vivian listened and carefully asseses my imbalances. She implemented her health therapies and has made a real difference in my overall health. Not only is she a skilled professional, she is also a person you want to know. I love referring her because I always get glowing responses. - Gigi Kaufman

Vivian has supported me through many health issues over the past 12 years - cancer recurrence, periods of chronic lung and GI issues, as well as through a few major life transitions. The use of BioSET and dietary changes have helped to alleviate GI and migraine issues. Vivian’s gentle, healing hands continue to support my immune and nervous systems through Jin Shin Jyutsu. I have never felt more relaxed and at peace than after a Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Vivian.

You will notice her Presence as she listens and responds to your concerns, and as she taps into her experience and intuition to find the best way to support and renew your health. I predict you will love working with Vivian, that you will see just how possible it is to heal your body.

- Sandra Hart

“Vivian is a true healer.  She is skilled in many methodologies which she integrates seamlessly, including hands on healing, bioset, homeopathy, energy medicine (R) and nutritional counseling. Since beginning my work with Vivian more than 5 years ago, I have made huge improvements in not only my physical health but also my psychological and spiritual well-being.  I am deeply grateful to her.” - Darby Bonomi

I am so glad I made that first appointment with Vivian! I went to her for some good advice about how to eat more efficiently for my heart, and she helped me determine very specifically which foods are easy for me to use, and which are challenging. I have learned so much more from her than I imagined possible. Every session I come away with new, deeper insight into the way I function. My issues with depression, heart disease, and weight management have all been informed through her use of the BioSet allergy testing, the addition of digestive enzymes and a few homeopathic remedies, and Vivian’s kind, insightful observations. She is an inspiring and powerful coach and I consider visits with her essential to my health and well-being. - Patty Heller

Vivian has been my health care provider for 10 years, and remains my go-to practitioner.   In addition to the ailments common to middle age (peri-menopause, hormone imbalance, mood swings that restrict one's daily life), I have suffered from very severe all-over skin maladies, severe respiratory allergies, and extreme chemical sensitivities.  Vivian has been incredibly effective treating every health issue, which she does professionally, with great patience and compassion, and with a deep understanding of her clients needs.   She not only incorporates emotional, energetic and bodily health in her practice, she has helped me at my own pace, understand the interconnection, and grow personally and in my own health awareness.   

Vivian has many modalities that she brings to her care of clients, and she wields each with mastery.    Her recommendations are customized to her client and I feel are truly holistic.   Through working with Vivian, I feel much more solidly grounded in my health and in my emotional base, and with this confidence, I am able to powerfully create the life of my choosing. - Anna Tom