Your journey to health begins now.

Welcome. I’m Vivian Kushner, a wellness detective and optimist who uses intuition and energy medicine to help you enhance your health and vitality. Healing on the physical plane often requires healing the emotional body and the energetic body. Although you are here in physical form, your essence is a vibration. When energy flows freely through the body, the vibration resonates health. When there are blockages, you experience illness or discomfort.

I am quite familiar with these blockages. My own health journey [About page] taught me to look below the surface to the root of my own issues. In doing that with you, I will create a sacred space, a place where you can feel safe and heard, a place where you are looked at as a whole person.

Together we will create a comprehensive individualized plan, using my wisdom, skills, and 20+ years of experience. I offer unique modalities, such as Nutritional Consulting [Nutritional Consulting],  Jin Shin Jyutsu [Jin Shin Jysutsu], Bioenergetics [Bioenergetics], Neuro-Nutrient Therapy [Neuro-Nutrient Therapy],  and Intuition Medicine [Intuition Medicine], With clarity and compassion, I help clients resolve difficult health issues and restore balance. We can do this in person or remotely.

Let the journey begin.